Distributed computing using SOAP. What about speed ?

Thomas Weholt thomas at gatsoft.no
Fri Jul 27 07:29:25 EDT 2001

> Personally, I think this idea of using XML-RPC or SOAP over the Internet
> you want reliablity isn't a good idea. I believe these protocols can be
> in the setting of a corporate network but within quite constrained ways.
> If someone tells me they want something which provides gauranteed
> etc, then I will be the first to tell them to go use software from the
> of Tibco, BEA or IBM.

What do you mean by "reliability"? I think we're talking about different
worlds here; I'm developing a system for normal users, who can accept
infrequent failures and some downtime without ending in financial ruin.
Companies spending millions on huge projects cannot. SOAP is supported by
IBM, Microsoft etc. and would they risk promoting, even building complex
systems like .NET on this technology if it wasn't suitable at all?
Implementation and other factors like network load etc. would proably have a
big impact on reliability too.

Am I so terribly wrong??


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