Postgres support

Paul Boddie paul at
Tue Jul 10 12:01:04 EDT 2001

Steve Williams <stevewilliams at> wrote in message news:<3B47C125.A65E5EAC at>...
> Alex Martelli wrote:
> > Interbase has always taken SQL92 seriously, but nobody takes Interbase
> > seriously.
> Nevertheless, I've managed to survive and prosper on a meager toolkit of
> (Select, Insert, Delete, Update, Create, Drop, etc) on SQL-Server, Sybase,
> Informix, DB2, and Oracle.  If I'm not fastidious, I can even get by with it
> in ACCESS.

How do you manage to do different types of joins? Do any of the
systems you mention use the explicit join syntax, for example? What
about the statement parameter (bind variable) syntax?

> > But most likely the usual crybabies will still be crying about "RAW" (sic)
> > C-level interfacing (to a zillion incompatible proprietary idiotic API's, no
> > doubt -- the fact that there IS a solid, well-developed standard doesn't
> > count:-).  So, naah, not worth the bother.
> I take no notice of that remark.  Do you have an opinion on Corba?

Which standard are we talking about now? ADO and COM aren't exactly
there on most flavours of UNIX, if at all. Of course, there's always
ODBC. ;-)


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