batch generation of keypairs by GnuPG

Johann Hibschman johann at
Thu Jul 5 00:20:42 CEST 2001

phil hunt writes:

> It uses public-key encryption. As the encryption engine,
> I am using GnuPG, which I am calling from my program using
> the system() call.

I have written a python wrapper for GPGME as part of my work towards a
Mac OS X wrapper for GPG, which should make this sort of thing easier;
it also means that you don't have to make tempfiles, which are a bit
of a security hole, to say the least.

Currently, I don't have the key generation parts working at all, but
that's just because I'm lazy.  It should follow straightforwardly.

I don't have it online or available yet, but I can arrange to have it
posted somewhere, if you're interested.  It will take me a bit of work
to get it in a form where I'd want to give it to others, but not more
than a few hours' worth.

If you're interested, send me email.

Johann Hibschman                           johann at

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