Compatibility between MySQLdb and Py2EXE

Akio Ito aito at
Mon Jul 16 01:38:29 CEST 2001

Nigel Linnett <Nigel_member at> wrote in message news:<9i54qr01hc9 at>...
> Hi Gang,
> I have just finished writing an application for use at work, and went to compile
> it to a Windows EXE using Py2EXE version 0.2.5 (I have upgraded to 0.2.6 and it
> didn't help).
> The application is database dependant, so I am uising the MySQLdb module, and
> the whole thing works like a charm if I run it from my development directory.
> When I compile the code, and go to run the resulting .exe file, this is the
> output...

> Any ideas?
> Nigel

     (Freezing mxODBC using py2exe)

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