Python and DB support (was: Re: Is Python Dead?)

Roman Suzi rnd at
Mon Jul 2 15:05:06 EDT 2001

It seems I start to understand database concerns of Mr. Wilson the second.

Once we tried 3 databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase) to suit our task.
And for every database (we stopped at Interbase) there was Python support.

However, my collegues were not satisfied with it. One somplain was that in
ASP/IIS it is "very easy" to receive a "recordset" from database and then
apply it in different situations in the ASP-page, because recordset is an
object and even subqueries could be made without quering DB again.

>From this and also from my own experience with PostgeSQL queries from
Python, I could say that DB support in Python exists, but need enhancement
and standartization. Probably, higher level more or less common
object-oriented interfaces could help this.

I must also say, that I myself am completely satisfied with Python DB
support, but I do not use DB extentensively and routinely to judge.
However, I think that including some more DB support, at least for open
source databases like Postgresql and MySQL + ODBC/JDBC, could be a good
idea and will give a standard. (Yes, I know about Python DB API).

Are there licensing problems or what stops from letting RDB support
modules into standard library?

Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
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