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> Recently I've been using a call like os.system("/usr/bin/lynx -dump
> > /tmp/site-text.txt") to grab formatted text
> versions of pages (without HTML) for subsequent processing.  However,
> I don't like the fact that this technique introduces an additional
> dependency into my code (lynx). I was wondering if anyone could
> recommend an equivalent Python function or module that lets me do this
> without introducing a platform specific dependency?
> urllib.urlretrieve() gets back the raw HTML page, so it's not really
> helpful to me, except as a starting point for processing.

Is this what you need?

--- begin ---
# This example will convert a simple HTML file into a plain text
# equivalent. This is useful for readme files etc.

import sys,formatter,StringIO,htmllib,string
from urllib import urlretrieve,urlcleanup

# Strip all HTML formatting.
class MyParser(htmllib.HTMLParser):
    def __init__(self):
        self.bodytext = StringIO.StringIO()
        writer = formatter.DumbWriter(self.bodytext)

    def gettext(self):
        return self.bodytext.getvalue()

def GetPage(url):
        fn, h = urlretrieve(url)
        text = open(fn, "r").read()
    return text

if __name__=='__main__':
    arg = sys.argv[1]
    if arg[:7]=='http://':
        data = GetPage(sys.argv[1])
        data = open(arg, 'r').read()
    p = MyParser()
    text = string.replace(p.gettext(), '\xa0', ' ')
    print text
    anchors = p.anchorlist
    for i in range(len(anchors)):
        print "[%d]: %s" % (i+1, anchors[i])
--- end ---

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