Python for Commercial Games?

Emmanuel Astier emmanuel.astier at
Wed Jul 4 14:46:23 CEST 2001

On 03 Jul 2001 14:10:25 +0200, Patrick Bothe <Patrick.Bothe at>

>>  However, you're not going to do any modern, graphics intensive
>> game completely in Python.
>Hmm ... 
>I do not know how much of "Severance - Blade of Darkness -" 
>is written in Python, but I think this game is a good 
>argument against your statement.
>And where's the difference between using C++ 
>and for example OpenGl (or any other powerful toolkit)  and 
>Python and OpenGl?
>I think i did not get the point. 
>    Patrick

This game is a good example of how to use Python for any modern
commercial game : all the engine is made in C / C++ ( Visual, sound,
IA CPU eater functions like A*, ... )
Python is used on top of this, to change Finite State machine of the
game, ie things that does not require CPU, but is a real big and
important part of the game.
It's a real win to use a interpreted, hight level language for this

To use your sentence, there's no difference between using a engine
with C++ and using a engine with python ( python is easier).
OpenGl and a real engine are _REALLY_ different things...
BTW, pygame is aiming in this direction : creating an engine that
would be used in Python. But the CPU eater parts are still made in

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