Not enough Python library development [was PEP scepticism]

Max Møller Rasmussen maxm at
Thu Jul 5 09:33:21 EDT 2001

> From: Paul Prescod [mailto:paulp at]

> Zope is certainly part of the solution. But Zope isn't where 
> you want to
> store a bunch of large archives.

I don't have the impression that Python modules are large archives. I would
assume that most are in th KB range some in the 100KB range and a few in the
MB range. That should be a nice fit for Zope.

> It would be better to use the file
> system. And Zope doesn't itself manage the interdependencies. That
> information has to come from the module. But we have no way to define
> those interdependencies right now.

I imagined that the interdependencies would be set manual when uploading the
modules. So far that would be the only way to do it anyway.

Something like this (Very rough)::

> And as you said, Zope doesn't help
> much with the client app. And Zope doesn't really help you to build
> binary modules in a safe way. And what categorization scheme (not
> technology) do you use? 

Some kind of tree structure naturally.

            html-module n
                 version n
                 version n+1
    Structured Tex

Then using the Catalog to search across the tree.

> So Zope is a good start (just as Distutils is a good start).

It would be really good for making something work quickly on the server side
instead of just talking about it endlesly ;-)

It could simply talk to the client through webdav of xml-rpc.

Regards Max M

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