[Tkinter]: Grid as in wxPython?

Steve S.L. Wong steve at hkit.net
Mon Jul 9 17:38:47 CEST 2001

#I download this code from internet. Hope that helps you.

from Tkinter import *

class MultiListbox(Frame):
    def __init__(self, master, lists):
 Frame.__init__(self, master)
 self.lists = []
 for l,w in lists:
     frame = Frame(self); frame.pack(side=LEFT, expand=YES, fill=BOTH)
     Label(frame, text=l, borderwidth=1, relief=RAISED).pack(fill=X)
     lb = Listbox(frame, width=w, borderwidth=0, selectborderwidth=0,
    relief=FLAT, exportselection=FALSE)
     lb.pack(expand=YES, fill=BOTH)
     lb.bind('<B1-Motion>', lambda e, s=self: s._select(e.y))
     lb.bind('<Button-1>', lambda e, s=self: s._select(e.y))
     lb.bind('<Leave>', lambda e: 'break')
     lb.bind('<B2-Motion>', lambda e, s=self: s._b2motion(e.x, e.y))
     lb.bind('<Button-2>', lambda e, s=self: s._button2(e.x, e.y))
 frame = Frame(self); frame.pack(side=LEFT, fill=Y)
 Label(frame, borderwidth=1, relief=RAISED).pack(fill=X)
 sb = Scrollbar(frame, orient=VERTICAL, command=self._scroll)
 sb.pack(expand=YES, fill=Y)

    def _select(self, y):
 row = self.lists[0].nearest(y)
 self.selection_clear(0, END)
 return 'break'

    def _button2(self, x, y):
 for l in self.lists: l.scan_mark(x, y)
 return 'break'

    def _b2motion(self, x, y):
 for l in self.lists: l.scan_dragto(x, y)
 return 'break'

    def _scroll(self, *args):
 for l in self.lists:
     apply(l.yview, args)

    def curselection(self):
 return self.lists[0].curselection()

    def delete(self, first, last=None):
 for l in self.lists:
     l.delete(first, last)

    def get(self, first, last=None):
 result = []
 for l in self.lists:
 if last: return apply(map, [None] + result)
 return result

    def index(self, index):

    def insert(self, index, *elements):
 for e in elements:
     i = 0
     for l in self.lists:
  l.insert(index, e[i])
  i = i + 1

    def size(self):
 return self.lists[0].size()

    def see(self, index):
 for l in self.lists:

    def selection_anchor(self, index):
 for l in self.lists:

    def selection_clear(self, first, last=None):
 for l in self.lists:
     l.selection_clear(first, last)

    def selection_includes(self, index):
 return self.lists[0].selection_includes(index)

    def selection_set(self, first, last=None):
 for l in self.lists:
     l.selection_set(first, last)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    tk = Tk()
    Label(tk, text='MultiListbox').pack()
    mlb = MultiListbox(tk, (('Subject', 40), ('Sender', 20), ('Date', 10)))
    for i in range(1000):
 mlb.insert(END, ('Important Message: %d' % i, 'John Doe', '10/10/%04d' %

"Franz GEIGER" <fgeiger at datec.at> ¼¶¼g©ó¶l¥ó
news:9ic90t$s1l$1 at newsreaderm1.core.theplanet.net...
> Is anybody aware of anything like wxPython grids, but for Tkinter? For a
> Tkinter GUI I need a grid as it is available in wxPython. I already use
> but there isn't such a beast.
> Regards
> Franz

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