os.nice (or docs) BUG?

Thomas Wouters thomas at xs4all.net
Tue Jul 10 08:21:47 EDT 2001

On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 06:47:27AM -0400, Inconsistent Meowbot wrote:

> So, it looks like the One and Only Real True Way to call nice() is to
> set errno to 0, raise an exception only if errno is set after the call
> completes, and not to trust the return value to actually mean anything
> unless you know what platform you're on and what its nice returns.

This is why we have Python. We'll emulate the standard behaviour even on
Linux, using getpriority() when necessary, and converting -1-error-values to
exceptions, solving that problem nicely, too. See SF patch #439995:


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