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>aahz at (Aahz Maruch) writes:
>> I'm in agreement with Guido that at least two releases are necessary
>> (I also agree that it could be two warning releases).  But I think
>> Guido's step 3 (if used) should be changed to the semantically equivalent
>>     In Python 2.4, integer division with the '/' operator raises an
>>     exception.  This exception can be caught as usual, but the
>>     programmer should prepare for the next release of Python by either
>>     using the div() function or by using the future directive to get
>>     floating point division.
>Oh, Aazh!  I wasn't writing a formal specification, I was sketching a
>plan.  In that context, using "make it an error" is the right level of
>detail.  Everybody can fill in for themselves that that means it's an
>exception, since that's how we typically signal errors in Python.

Given that the person who followed up to you didn't seem to quite get
this, I figured it was a worthwhile clarification.  <shrug>
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