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>>I'm guessing here, but I'd bet from the tone of his postings that Robin
>>    Malevolent Dictator For Life
>>While I'm not happy with Guido over this change (because it makes cross-
>>version code very ugly, and introduces errors in meaning that may be hard
>>to detect) I would not call him such a rude name.
>when the Gods smile upon us they are benevolent, when lighting strikes
>they are malevolent. They are still Gods. Luckily we only have
>dictators. Sometimes the dictatorship is good, sometimes bad it's still
>a dictatorship.

Supposing for the sake of argument that the DFL's views on this are
just totally wrong that's still far from "malevolent", could be
he's just stupid.

Not that that seems likely to me, of course (cracks about
orthogonal delphic oracles notwithstanding). And not that the issue 
matters to me, and not that my opinion has any bearing, but I
saw a post by Tim today explaining an aspect of this that seems
totally missing from most of the arguments we see on the topic.

(Look for a post containing the string "500". If there _are_
500 posts on a topic it's a good thing if some of them get
replies from people with contrary views, for the benefit of
people like me who only read a few - I'm certain that what
Tim said has been said many times before, but I hadn't

>Robin Becker

David C. Ullrich

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