subclassing Exceptions

Tim Peters at
Mon Jul 23 00:08:09 CEST 2001

[Sheila King]
> ...
> That's because the "big picture" is the general overview of how the
> parent class works. It is a general question, which is why I wanted to
> see the source for the class (which is all I originally asked for...a
> pointer to the source files...and that question has since been
> answered.) Actually, I just downloaded the source for 1.5.2 and am
> looking at and am finding it quite enlightening.
> This is silly. I'm defending asking to see the source code. ????

You don't have to defend yourself -- Guido will do it for you <wink>.  He
opened a bug report on SourceForge today:

    #443559  creating exceptions is underdocumented

and attached one of your first msgs as evidence.  This area is indeed

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