Python for air traffic control?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Wed Jul 4 12:38:56 EDT 2001

"Courageous" <jkraska1 at> wrote in message
news:56f6kt4goieognhbpi8i8kh4v79egmtaa2 at
> >>b) Very good professional programmers are ten times as productive as
> >>   poor ones, at same training and two-year experience level.
> >>   (Sackman, Grant and Erickson)
> I agree with this wholeheartedly, with the exception that I would change
> it to "Highly motivated and very good professional...". Motivation and

Can we make it "Highly motivated and very good professionals in an
optimal enviroment"...?  At which point the 10-times estimate is
VERY restrictive, as Prechelt's study shows.

> a willingness to really throw oneself into programming is an essential
> element of a real programming maverick.

But the best & highest-motivated guru can only do so much if
hampered by too-heavy process, inadequate tools, &c.  And one
can't always choose (client needs given process and tools, but
motivation is high anyway e.g. because of VERY good $$ bonus...
that still doesn't give the same productivity as when process
and tools are optimally chosen).


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