Language change and code breaks

Arthur_Siegel at Arthur_Siegel at
Fri Jul 27 16:22:29 EDT 2001

Guido writes -

>Actually, it's been very tough.  Years of therapy didn't prepare me
>for the accusations of dictatorship.  I also didn't see enough support
>*for* my position to want to continue.

I also would like to send apologies to the extent you have felt - as
you have made clear you have - that I have gotten too personal when 
pressing my positions.

My interest in these topics is a passionate avocation.  I understand that
to you it is so much more - and that my position is the easy one. 

I have indeed pressed hard on viewpoints that oppose yours. Not only
do I believe what I say, but I believe some of it is important to
at least get said.  Important because Python is important - God knows, 
no thanks to me.  

Perhaps we push each others buttons because our differences 
are somehow deep - more worldview differences than syntactical 

Nevertheless, never questioned the structure itself.  As you say - 
the fact that Python is open source and you have worked to make 
it so, is, as far as I am  concerned, all that needs to be said on the 
issue of dictatorships. 

But if you feel that I have taken unfair advantage of this very open
forum in which you have chosen to participate (subject yourself),
I do indeed have regrets.



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