Need for help with Pythonic realization of win32 network concept

David Bolen db3l at
Tue Jul 31 21:05:41 CEST 2001

claird at (Cameron Laird) writes:

>   import win32api
>   import win32con
>   reg_key = win32api.RegOpenKeyEx(win32con.HKEY_USERS, ...
> gives me a result I want--on "My Computer".  How do I navigate
> to the same point on "\\\\other_node"?  My guess is I have to
> open a hive with a \\other_node indirection--but none of my
> attempts with Python's win32api have given me what I want.

Use RegConnectRegistry to open a root key on a remote machine.  From
there, you can navigate beneath that root with the standard
RegOpenKey/RegQueryValueEx and so on.

> What documentation do folks use for win32api?

Microsoft Documentation (e.g., MSDN) for the underlying Win32 API, of which
win32api is but the slimmest of wrappers.

You can get the MSDN library reference on the web at  Most of the stuff you would want
would be under the Platform SDK under Windows Development.  The
Registry overview is at (URL is all one line):

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