Need help in creating a simple package in python

Alex foodbar at
Sun Jul 29 18:29:12 EDT 2001

This is the third post you've sent about creating python packages.
You've gotten responses to them, but you send almost the same post each
time.  Are the responses to your posts not getting through?


> Hi
> Can you help me ?
> I am new with Python and I would like to ask several questions:
> 1. For creating a package I have to create a *.py script that will
> group selected modules and contain the following script
> -> Can you elaborate on this script definition (give an
> example how the script should be written ).
> 2. I have tried to create a package that contains 2 modules and
> succeeded in importing the package itself but not a module inside the
> package for example 'import pkg.fib1' - what was wrong ?
> Thanks
> Yossi

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