If you want to see Python people complaining...

Mark Nenadov mnenadov at stclairc.on.ca
Sat Jul 21 13:12:20 CEST 2001

In article <3B54497F.B98D34CF at jam.rr.com>, "Rob Andrews" <rob at jam.rr.com>

> Take a look at today's User Friendly poll. ("Web code of choice:
> Perl/mod_perl, *sh, C/C++, ASP, Javascript, Cold Fusion, JSP, PHP").  At
> the time I checked, there were more complaints about Python not being
> listed as there were comments on any of the actual choices offered.  Rob

I think they have a pretty good reason to complain. I can guarantee more
people do more web stuff in Python than C/C++. Especially if you consider Zope
to be Python code. Also, I would surmise that Python has OO support
better than any of those languages with the *possible* exception of
Java(JSP) and C++. With all due respect to those language/environments (I
have programmed in 4 of them), I feel Python deserves to be on there.

~Mark Nenadov (author/editor for http://ww.coffeecode.com)

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