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>> Anyone writing a computer book should read this:
>> It's interesting (and humorous) reading for the rest of us as well.
>Indeed; that page cured me of my desire to write a book for physical
>publication.  Sure, there's the ego-thrill of a big wad of paper with
>your name on the front, but it also means you have to work to a
>deadline, errors in the final product can't be corrected, and you have
>to cope with potentially clueless editorial interference (sure, maybe
>your editor will offer lots of good suggestions -- what if they
>don't?).  Putting things on Web pages, you can fix errors whenever you
>like, write sections whenever you like, and can get direct feedback
>directly from readers; the advantages are all in the Web's favor.

Many people still prefer the solid feel of paper.  As for the other
problems, that's why smart people work with O'Reilly.  ;-)
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