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Steve Horne <sh at> writes:

> Sometimes I think that the drive to proove that Python can do
> anything that other languages can do misses an essential point -
> Python is extremely good (and getting better) at scripting and glue
> style tasks. That is where its main strength lies. Being good at
> everything is a pretty tall order.

I think many people would disagree that that is "where its main
strength lies".  I, for one, frequently use Python for mathematical
modeling, and find it a superb tool for the task.  I have a friend who
does microprocessor and microcontroller modeling in Python because he
can turn out a prototype faster in it than VHDL, and if he actually
decides to burn a core he can translate it later.  RedHat uses Python
for nearly all of its user interfaces.  Google started out using a
great deal of Python (I imagine it is mostly C by now).  CVSWeb (and
thus SourceForge's CVS viewer) uses Python for its web presentation.

Python is not the best tool for every job, but it is a good one for
quite a few of them.

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