Integrating SimpleHTTPServer into asyncore

Ng Pheng Siong ngps at
Mon Jul 9 11:39:23 EDT 2001

According to Erik Max Francis  <max at>:
> Is there a standard way to integrate SimpleHTTPServer (and related
> classes) into the asyncore poll loop, or is it just the rather obvious
> process of creating a dispatcher that containers a SimpleHTTPServer and
> delegates all the relevant asyncore methods to SimpleHTTPServer?

Just use Medusa's http_server. Medusa does HTTP/1.1 with persistent 
connections; SimpleHTTPServer (really BaseHTTPRequestHandler) does 
HTTP/1.0 only.

Some refactoring of Medusa and/or BaseHTTPRequestHandler to simplify
writing HTTP method (GET, POST, etc.) handlers that are portable to both 
would be nice; e.g., send_header(), end_headers() versus Medusa's
http_response object.

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