Python 2.0.1 bug?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jul 25 02:20:09 CEST 2001

Gordon McMillan wrote:
> TheDustbustr) wrote:
> > When you run this program then point your webbrowser to localhost:8080,
> > you SHOULD see your GET / HTTP/1.1 request echoed to the screen (the
> > "webpage"), as well as echoed to the console.  Well, under Python 1.5.2
> > running under Linux, it does.  Running 2.0.1 under Windows 95, it
> > doesn't, *nothing* is printed to the webbrowser.
> Or it could be that your Windows browser is waiting to see a proper
> HTTP response, but your Linux browser is being "forgiving".
> Browsers are notoriously difficult beasts, so I would definitely
> look there first.

Or at least use 'telnet' first, to view the actual response in
a tool more suited to debugging basic socket problems like 
this, rather than assuming the browser is really showing everything
it has received.

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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