Is Python Dead? Long Live Python!

Ville Vainio vvainio at
Tue Jul 17 05:19:52 EDT 2001

Guido Stepken <stepken at> writes:

> I have been teaching python to kids ...12 years old .... they really had 
> fun ... that's the (only) reason for the extreme growing acceptance for 
> python over java or perl or php .... python will be #1 in 2 years 
> .....expecially for huge projects ....

I don't really think this learn-as-child thing is too
important. Generation of people (20-somethings) who were doing basic
at age 12 have already abandoned the language, while people who are
actually using basic these days probably didn't use it at age 12.

OTOH, Unlike basic, Python doesn't suck.

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