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> [Erik Max Francis]
> > so perhaps when mathematicians are isolated with other mathematicians
> > they tend to pronounce it that way.  I really don't know.
> [Tom Bryan]
> > In both my undergraduate and graduate studies in mathematics in the
> > U.S., I only remember hearing tuple pronounced so that it rhymes with
> > goop.
> Now *that's* an affectation.  Where I went to school, it rhymed with
> <wink>.
> > If anyone pronounced it to rhyme with couple, it was rare enough
> > that I don't remember it.  But we also said "pie" for pi and "fee" for
> > phi.
> Perfectly sensible.  At PythonLabs, I think Fred Drake says
> tuple-like-couple.  I'm a tuple-like-goople guy (i.e., normal).  Jeremy
> hasn't existed for months, and everyone runs away when Barry speaks, so
> knows what they say.  Guido only barks orders in Dutch, so I'm not sure
> he pronounces it either.
> but-pretty-sure-he-prounounces-"dict"-like-"luxury-yacht"-ly y'rs  - tim
Of course in a civilised society, tuple rhymes with goople, and also has a
"y" sound after the t, so it's "tyoople", if you don't mind, thank you very
much. OK?

no-nooze-is-good-nooze-ly y'rs  - steve

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