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On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Alex Martelli wrote:

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>> On 2 Jul 2001, David Bolen wrote:
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>> >> However, my collegues were not satisfied with it. One somplain was that
>> >> ASP/IIS it is "very easy" to receive a "recordset" from database and
>> >> apply it in different situations in the ASP-page, because recordset is
>> >> object and even subqueries could be made without quering DB again.
>> >
>> >Just curious, but did your colleagues try using Python's COM interface
>> >to ADO to retrieve an actual recordset object that they could
>> >manipulate the same in Python as in other ASP languages?
>> Aha! Now I could understand what is the brake of Python library
>> development. Most of Python users are Windows users. And they
>> have COM for whatever is in their system.
>I strongly doubt that "most Python users are Windows users", but
>it's certainly true that most Python users *WHO CONSIDER ASP/IIS
>AN ALTERNATIVE* are Windows users (and pretty-clueless ones, if
>they don't know Python can work perfectly well WITHIN ASP/IIS!-).

Ok, I've not pushed the issue because people wanted to learn

>> We mostly have Linux servers, so COM+ADO is no option. The point was not
>> to choose between Windows and Linux, ASP was choosen to serve particular
>> purpose, for the database already implemented in Microsoft land.
>If COM+ADO is not an option then neither is ASP/IIS!

I am sorry that I gave inaccurate description.
There were no point in installing Python just to serve 3-4
pages from IIS.


Anyway, I wanted to say that some generic (!=Windows only) ADO
could help for those who consider Python for tasks usually
done with PHP or ASP.

Probably it could be coupled with gadfly to make
subqueries possible.

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