GUI Builder for Python ?

Cédric Gustin gustin at
Tue Jul 3 08:06:48 CEST 2001

"Frank Miles" <fpm at> wrote:

> >Has anyone made this work under Windows? I tried it a few months ago, and
> >it worked great under Linux, but there seemed to be some piece (Python
> >bindings for libGlade?) missing under Windows.

> libglade stuff was graciously sent by Cedric Gustin, but he's working on
> Python 2.1.

Yesterday I patched pygtk-0.6.8, the latest stable version and recompiled
_gtk.pyd and _libglade.pyd for python 2.1 on win32. I have also a working
version of glade running on win32 (although it's also available on various
sites, at among others). This means that
you can write and port to win32 any pygtk application with libglade support.
If anybody is interested, simply email me directly and I'll send you the
binaries. I can also recompile everything for python 2.0 if necessary.

If Hans Breuer is reading this newsgroup, I think it would be nice to
provide a standard windows installer (I think I have a copy of installer
vise somewhere) for both python 2.0 and python 2.1. If I remember correctly
somebody posted a message about this a few weeks ago but maybe it was on the
pygtk mailinglist...


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