Non-Programmers (was: Changing the Division Operator)

Steve Holden sholden at
Tue Jul 31 07:54:55 EDT 2001

<markus at> wrote in message news:m3k80piax2.fsf at
> Bruce Sass <bsass at> writes:
> > In this context, it comes from the CP4E motivation that people may be
> > called upon to script operations or interactions between their
> > `toys'... calling them "non-programmers" is shorter than saying,
> > `people who may need to program without knowing they are doing it'
> > (imo).
> We obviously need a good name.
> Maybe 'non-professional programmers'? Doesn't sound right. It should
> mean someone whose profession is something else and who has to write
> some code to get the work done. Something like the work of system
> administrators, who may have to write some code but whose programs
> probably will never run on other machines than those which they
> administrate.
> Perl is called a 'glue language', so should we call the work of system
> administrators and other 'non-programmers' as 'glue programming'?
> Sounds strange, but at least it is new.
> Any ideas?
How about "incidental programmers", since the programming is largely
incidental to the real goals of their activities?


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