Python Idiom Question

Steve Holden sholden at
Tue Jul 10 02:29:20 CEST 2001

"Tim Daneliuk" <tundra at> wrote in ...
> What is the equivalent python idiom to the following 'C' code:
> while (x=getchar() != 'N')
> {
> Do something}
> In other words, is there a convenient way to simultaneously get
> input, from say, raw_input() or, and check the return
> value agains some logical construct, re pattern match, or whatever?
> I'm sure this is possible, I just cannot seem to find the magic
> combination that gets me there.  Nothing seems to turn up when I
> look in the Usual Places, but then again, I may not be Lookin' Right.
> At the moment, I'm doing things like:
> x=raw_input()
> while x:
> Do Something Interesting
> x = get_input("Prompt: ")
The approved idiom is

x = raw_input()
while 1:
    if not x:

However, you may be aware that iterators and generators will shortly make
their appearance in a programming language near you, and this might allow
some other technique.

You might want to look at FAQ 6.30, "Why can't I use an assignment in an
expression" for the rationale.


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