Not enough Python library development [was PEP scepticism]

Paul Prescod paulp at
Thu Jul 5 08:00:40 EDT 2001

Max Møller Rasmussen wrote:
> Obviously there is something I have missed here.
> If what we need is a system that can manage modules, versions,
> interdependencies, searching, different comunication protocols like ftp,
> http, webdav, a web interface and a Python client, Why don't we just write
> it in Zope?

Zope is certainly part of the solution. But Zope isn't where you want to
store a bunch of large archives. It would be better to use the file
system. And Zope doesn't itself manage the interdependencies. That
information has to come from the module. But we have no way to define
those interdependencies right now. And as you said, Zope doesn't help
much with the client app. And Zope doesn't really help you to build
binary modules in a safe way. And what categorization scheme (not
technology) do you use? 

So Zope is a good start (just as Distutils is a good start).
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