Python: Database to Web Part II

Dave Cole djc at
Fri Jul 13 06:53:07 EDT 2001

>>>>> "gnb" == Gregory Bond <gnb at> writes:

gnb> gerhard.nospam at (Gerhard Häring) writes:
>> If you want a commercially supported Python module that implements
>> the Python DB-API, you should give Python another try and check out
>> the mxODBC module. It's the only module for which you can buy
>> commercial support, AFAIK.

gnb> Dave Cole has floated the idea of commercial support for his
gnb> Sybase module.

I had almost given the idea away until a poster raised the issue that
he could not really use a database module which the developer did not
consider a serious development project (or words to that effect).

For people who are of a like mind - for release 0.30 and later we are
going to offer commercial support.  This should do a number things:

1- Convince potential users that we do take development and support for
   the module seriously.

2- Provide us with a little bit of compensation for what we would
   probably do anyway.  If an income stream can be derived from the
   module then additional features and bugfixes become a higher
   priority relative to other tasks which do not generate a cash flow.

3- If you work for an organisation which has a policy of only using
   software which is commercially supported - you will soon have the
   option of using the Sybase module.

The terms and cost of the support contract have not been decided

- Dave


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