Python for air traffic control?

Delaney, Timothy tdelaney at
Wed Jul 4 19:57:11 EDT 2001

> But the best & highest-motivated guru can only do so much if
> hampered by too-heavy process, inadequate tools, &c.  And one
> can't always choose (client needs given process and tools, but

This bit I agree with wholeheartedly

> motivation is high anyway e.g. because of VERY good $$ bonus...
> that still doesn't give the same productivity as when process
> and tools are optimally chosen).

And this I don't.

I've found that I've rarely been motivated to perform well in a project
based on the $$$ I was to receive for it (when I was a contractor). Once I
accepted how many $$$ I was getting, that was the end of it (after that, the
money is uninteresting and indeed annoying because you have to chase it).

Instead, environment, requirements and straight-out interest level of the
project motivate me. If I'm working with good people, on an interesting
project, and able to work how I feel comfortable (start work when I'm ready,
which is usually 10am, be able to organise to get time off if I need it,
etc) then I tend to work better. Note: casual clothes is not an option - I
have *never* worn a tie or trousers in my professional career, and I never
will. The most formal I've gone to is to wear a button-up shirt at one
place, but that won't happen again. Unfortunately, I've yet to find a place
that will let me work in boxer shorts like I do at home ... :)

Tim Delaney

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