Tkinter doesn't work for MFC applications with Embedded Python?

Deepak deepak9999 at
Fri Jul 6 06:29:50 CEST 2001

I tried to go through all the related postings on the newsgroup
regarding this.
However, I haven't figured out a way to get Tkinter working in an MFC
application that uses embedded python interpreter... Here is the
simple code
that I am trying in the MFC application

The code in C is simple like this: -

#include <Python.h>

void myFunc (int argc, char **argv)
   Py_Initialize ();
   PySys_SetArgv (argc, argv);
   PyRun_SimpleString ("execfile('')");

The code in Python script ( is like this: -

   import Tkinter
   print 'Tkinter successfully imported'
      root = Tkinter.Tk ()
      print 'Successful'
      print 'failed'
   print 'Could not import Tkinter'

The result is that it prints: -

Tkinter successfully imported

The STDOUT is redirected to print to one of the MFC windows. 
I tried to run this by changing the STDOUT to default (standard)
STDOUT. However, even that did not help.

Any examples or suggestions will be extremely valuable.

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