Language change and code breaks

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> (2) Potentially, the group of non-programmers is much larger than the
>     group of programmers (and it's easier to teach programmers an
>     arbitrary rule than non-programmers).

I think the distinction between programmers and non-programmers misses a
third important group: "sometime programmers"  -- people who code
occasionally to for fun or to solve problems, but aren't in the trenches (or
the cubes) day in and day out.

As a member of this group, who is especially fond of Python for how easy it
is to pick up where I left off days or weeks before, I would very much
prefer a case *insensitive* language with tools that enforce *uniform* case

Nobody wants to see fOo and FOO and foo with the same meaning, but nobody
wants to see foo and FOO and foo at all in the same program with distinct
meanings.  I also don't think the cutesy c=C() makes for readable code -- at
least for this sometime programmer.

little-logs-can-make-for-warm-fires-ly yrs,

Tim Randolph

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