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Alexandre Fayolle alf at leo.logilab.fr
Fri Jul 6 16:23:06 CEST 2001

On 6 Jul 2001 14:57:27 +0100, Doug Fort <dougfort at dougfort.net> wrote:
>The XML-RPC standard only supports ASCII text.  (I found this our from the 
>new O'Reilly book 'Programming Web Services with XML-RPC'.  The book is 
>pretty light weight (I skimmed it in an hour) but it has some worthwhile 

Thanks for the reference, I'll try to get my hands on it. However, right now, 
I'm  just using xmlrpc as a nice, quick and lightweight way of doing rpc 
between two python applications. (if someone can suggest another method,
as easy as this one, I'll be glad to give it a try). 

Concerning the ascii stuff, could someone then explain to me what is meant 
on http://www.pythonware.com/products/xmlrpc/index.htm by :
"xmlrpclib 0.9.9 (aka 1.0b1) is now available. This is a development 
release (hopefully the last one before 1.0 final), which adds support 
for encodings, Unicode, and HTTPS transports." ?

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