A use for integer quotients

Robin Becker robin at jessikat.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Jul 24 06:20:20 EDT 2001

In article <mailman.995966145.31953.python-list at python.org>, Glen
Wheeler <wheelege at tsn.cc> writes
>  Right, I think this is a good time for everybody to cool down...Just is
>clearly not being offensive here.
>  The same arguments are being stated over and over again by the pro 1/2==0
>side, and the same refutements are being stated by the other side.
>  My opinion is that if Guido wants it changed even in the light of all
>these arguments, then so be it.  Sure I'll have to change a little bit of
>code, but that's alright.  I distribute alot of my stuff as stand-alone
>packages anyway - the user never has to worry about upgrading, unless it's
>>MY< upgrade - which isn't going to break anything.
>  Glen.
I'll probably have to look at a lot of code, even Guido found a majority
for the library / usages as relying on int behaviour; something he
seemed surprised by. How odd, I am not at all surprised that programmers
make real use of a useful behaviour.

The whole PEP process is also broken by Guido's unilateral decision;
we're informed by Tim that the he simply decided to correct a design

Our real failure is not appreciating that the leadership has different
motives and plans for python than most of the current userbase.

Is there a list of the other design failures that the mdfl plans to fix? 

I do hope case sensitivity is not one of them.
Robin Becker

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