[TO]What's the big deal with EJB? [Re: PEP scepticism]

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 9 13:42:01 EDT 2001

"Nicola Musatti" <objectway at divalsim.it> wrote in message
news:3B496B96.A0F46A0B at divalsim.it...
> Another question: hom much of the productivity increase would you
> attribute to the core language and how much to the availability (or lack
> thereof) of useful functionality in the language library?

I'm just guessing here, because I did not even try to separate the
effects.  But offhand, I would say that, considering the specific tasks
I was doing (proprietary protocols on top of sockets, basically, if the
C++ vs Java comparison is still what we're talking about), the lack
of the C++ Standard Library hurt by slightly more than the extras in
Java's libraries helped.  It might have been very different if my task
had been to work cross-platform on an RDBMS, for example (assuming
I could use JDBC in Java but not ODBC in C++, say) -- or other such
tasks for which Java's extremely rich libraries help and C++ Standard
Libraries plus C-level stuff (such as sockets in my case) don't, much.


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