py2exe problem

Cristian Echeverria cer at
Sat Jul 21 01:42:42 EDT 2001

"Jay Parlar" <jparlar at> wrote:

> from distutils.core import setup
> import py2exe
> setup(name="webpass", scripts=[""], )

If your application uses any file apart from the *.py ones you need to use
the data_files parameter. something like this:

setup(name="webpass", scripts=[""], data_files=["file1","file2"])

> python py2exe -w

You can try compiling without the "-w" option and running the program from
the command line on the test machine.
Did you try this?

What about msvcirt.dll and msvcrt.dll in your development machine and your
test machine? If I remember wxPython update this dlls when this is

Remember that py2exe is intended to use with an installer like Inno Setup,
if you move only your exe there is good chance that this can't run.

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