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Paul Prescod paulp at
Fri Jul 13 14:27:15 EDT 2001

Dennis Roark wrote:
> ...
> Python is an attractive language.  But for a large program I
> would still rather be forced to declare the name of a
> variable (and its type) rather than risk misspelling or
> misuse 500 lines later in the program.  My original note was
> not intended to be an indictment of Python, but only to
> bring up some reasons that for me make more strongly typed
> languages like C++ or Object Pascal better at coding very
> large projects.

You seem to have just discovered Python's dynamicity. You may not yet be
in a position to understand the *benefits* of this dynamicity in large
programs which go along with its costs. Sometimes Python's dynamic
features will allow thousands of lines of Java or C++ code to just melt
away into a few lines of Python. That increases the overall reliability
of the system. Python also makes testing much easier. Therefore you can
do more testing in less time and thus improve the stability of your
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