Tim Peters at
Sun Jul 22 15:11:50 EDT 2001

[Thomas Heller, reverts the string-methods changes to in
 current CVS Python]

> Thanks to cvs update -j 1.3 -j 1.2 and manually fixing the two or
> threee conflicts it was easy, with _one_ exception:
> There is a 'from __future__ import generators' line, which
> makes sense for 2.2, but throws SyntaxError in 2.1 and 2.0,
> and ImportError in 1.5.2.
> Unfortunately it cannot be wrapped by try: except: because
> it must occur at the beginning of the file.
> Any idea?

What are you trying to accomplish?  A single version of doctest that runs
under all versions of Python?  Then comment out that line and you're done.
The generator-future stmt is needed in CVS (only) so that
passes (doctest itself doesn't use generators), and the need is due to
unresolved general issues spelled out in PEP 236 (see the "Paritally
Resolved Problem: Runtime Compilation" section).

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