Advice wanted: asynch I/O on unix

Laurent Szyster laurent.szyster at
Tue Jul 24 09:03:26 EDT 2001

"Russell E. Owen" wrote:
> I have a unix C library that reads some parallel port cards
> (asynchronously), processes the data and writes it files. I want
> to be able to call it from Python and would love some advice.
> (...)
> It would be nicest to end up with as little C code as possible (i.e.
> move most of this functionality into Python). Some of the processing
> would be better done in Python, and it's so much easier to debug and
> modify things in Python.
> I think I can rewrite most or all of this directly in Python, but surely
> I can do better than simply replicate this code? It looks awfully
> complex. Is there A Better Way?

Have a look at Medusa sources. It's an asynchronous server that uses
the OS select() interface to do multiplexing. Maybe the same technique
can be used for serial devices on UNIX.

Let me know ;-)

Laurent Szyster

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