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> > And some of us wonder what it is about the GPL that stops your previous,
> > liberally-licensed, version from existing?
> Given: software A is released under the BSDL.  Somebody creates an
> version of it (software B) and releases it under the GPL.
> A still exists.  But B is better than A, so people will be more likely to
> use B than A.  A still exists, but A is competing with a better version of
> itself.  New programmers will be more likely to improve B than A, because
> they don't want to duplicate effort.  The original author is unable to
> incorporate the improvements to A in future software C unless C is
> under the GPL.

Granted.  Whose fault is that?  If the author of A doesn't maintain it, and
other programmers prefer the B program *even with the GPL on it* then B must
be really superior and deserves to win.

Who loses?  A's author can't use B to create C unless he/she commits to
code releases forever.  If C is to be commercial software with hidden
and the programmers who created B don't like that, then they chose the right
license.  On the other hand, if A intended to do that anyway, then there is
really no loss to anyone.

Sort of a legal armwrestling match.

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