Tim Peters tim.one at home.com
Mon Jul 23 00:17:00 CEST 2001

[Erik Max Francis]
> so perhaps when mathematicians are isolated with other mathematicians
> they tend to pronounce it that way.  I really don't know.

[Tom Bryan]
> In both my undergraduate and graduate studies in mathematics in the
> U.S., I only remember hearing tuple pronounced so that it rhymes with
> goop.

Now *that's* an affectation.  Where I went to school, it rhymed with goople

> If anyone pronounced it to rhyme with couple, it was rare enough
> that I don't remember it.  But we also said "pie" for pi and "fee" for
> phi.

Perfectly sensible.  At PythonLabs, I think Fred Drake says
tuple-like-couple.  I'm a tuple-like-goople guy (i.e., normal).  Jeremy
hasn't existed for months, and everyone runs away when Barry speaks, so who
knows what they say.  Guido only barks orders in Dutch, so I'm not sure how
he pronounces it either.

but-pretty-sure-he-prounounces-"dict"-like-"luxury-yacht"-ly y'rs  - tim

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