Python for air traffic control?

Duncan Booth duncan at
Thu Jul 5 09:56:24 CEST 2001

Ralf Muschall <ralf.muschall at> wrote in 
news:u7elrwi0pa.fsf at hpeesof.asc:

> No, typedef just creates aliases, *not* types.  One might consider
> creating something like
>     typedef struct { int value; } plane_t;
> instead (and get bitten by the fact that struct tag names are not
> local to the struct scope for some versions of C (i.e. adding
>     typedef struct { int value; } lane_t;
> would clash)).
At which point you go out and buy yourself a C compiler that manages to get 
a bit closer to the standard. I think clashing of structure tag names went 
out of fashion about 20 years ago, certainly it wasn't a problem I 
encountered even in my days of writing C for Z80s.

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