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Aahz Maruch wrote:
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> >There seems to be a lot of (arguably) radical changes going on in the
> >Python syntax/grammar/language, perhaps the direction should be towards
> >improving the internals first?
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> >One thing Java has which Python lacks is transparent support for
> >multi-cpu threading.  Python has threads, but I believe it is
> >internally implemented and has been shown not to take advantage of an
> >SMP machine.
> That's about half-true.  For more information, see

(Very nice python threading code.)

> (New & Improved slideshow coming Real Soon Now (a couple or three days))
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Meanwhile you can have the best of both worlds:
Some threading features:
- jython  interpreter threads are Java threads,
- java's 'synchronized' is used in the jython interpreter where necessary,
- in other words: fine grained locking is used, there is no 'interpreter lock'.


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