How popular is Python, anyway? (was: Long Live Python!)

Paul Boddie paul at
Fri Jul 20 05:29:39 EDT 2001

sill at (Rainy) wrote in message news:< at>...
> On 17 Jul 2001 04:15:40 -0700, Paul Boddie <paul at> wrote:
> >
> > to get the job done. A similar kind of idiocy was once imposed on me,
> > forcing me to rewrite various CGI-based programs in C++ of all
> > horrors. Insane!
> That's just bizarre! Good thing they haven't heard that assembly is
> the fastest, they'd have you do CGI stuff in it ;-).

These were competent people, though (hello, if you're reading this!),
who mostly knew a fair amount about different languages and the
different levels of abstraction that they offer. SPARC assembly
language wasn't an option. ;-)

Still, Perl would have been a better choice than C++ for CGI stuff,
although I had "moved on" from Perl long before then and probably
would have resented the use of that language too. (But not as much as

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