Distributing multiple related scripts

Don Dwiggins dwig at advancedmp.net
Wed Jul 25 19:44:56 CEST 2001

I have a distribution need that might be somewhat unusual: instead of
distributing a single program, I need to distribute a collection of scripts,
some to be run manually, others scheduled.  Since there's considerable
common code among them, I want to have one or more common modules that the
scripts can load as needed.

Both the source and target of distribution are Windows machines.  Also, it's
possible to have Python installed on the target machine(s).

1) What would be the best distribution tool and setup for this?
2) How would the scripts access the common modules?

Thanks for any good words,

Don Dwiggins                    "Solvitur Ambulando"
Advanced MP Technology
dwig at advancedmp.net

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