Language change and code breaks

Mark 'Kamikaze' Hughes kamikaze at
Sat Jul 21 01:48:47 CEST 2001

20 Jul 2001 22:08:43 +0200 in <Xns90E4E1E55281Dcliechtimailsch at>,
chris liechti <cliechti at> spake:
> -i think that you realy have to be a huge fan of python to stay with it 
> even if you have to change all the old code if you are one of these "a = 
> A()" programmers. well most reader of this group would probably stay but it 
> givess python an "incopatibility" touch.

  Who actually names their classes with one-letter names like A or C as
I've seen in this thread?  Anyone?  Didn't think so.

  Actual use is more like:
a = Anything()
c = Cookie()

> -people from scientific and math fields often use "n" and "N" together. or 
> "alpha" and "Alpha" because our keyboard has no greek letters. their code 
> will need a lot of fixes.

  Unless case-sensitivity is an optional module-level directive.

> ps: couln't a case-insensitive fan not just overrite __getattr__ and 
> __setattr__ to be case insensitive at least for class members?

  The people most likely to want the feature are not capable yet of
writing code that hairy.

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