Is Python Dead? Long Live Python!

Paul Prescod paulp at
Mon Jul 9 18:49:00 EDT 2001

Lindstrom Greg - glinds wrote:
> This is quite true in my experience, too.  I work in an IT shop that simply
> refuses to recognize Python (and Perl) because most of the people in
> leadership will not accept it.  The major strikes?
> 1. It's Free.  How serious can a language be if it's given away? We seem to
> feel more secure in spending over $2500.00 per box for MS Developers Studio
> and various other software license (CORBA goes for $1,200 a box, I'm told)?

ActiveState has a program wherein we can sell you Python at whatever
price point is comfortable for you. :) If $2500.00 is your price point,
that's fine with us.

Actually scratch that. I'm going to run this program myself from home.
Contact me separately for my home phone number.

> 3. No Support! At least no 900 number to call for a per minute fee. Doesn't
> seem to matter that in the past couple of years I have never had to wait
> over a day to get a answer to a question. Perhaps we would feel better if
> there were someone we could sue.

Actually, ActiveState really does have a program where we can provide
technical support for open source languages. Despite my levity above,
this is a real product that provides serious value to people who need to
know that they can get (e.g.) custom builds of Python when they need

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