Tuple Assignment Statement

Merton Campbell Crockett mcc at TO.GD-ES.COM
Fri Jul 6 22:12:27 EDT 2001

I am new to Python.  The last time that I used a high-order language was at
university in the early Seventies when I wrote a compiler for a language
with characteristics fairly similar to Python.  Since then, I've spent a
significant portion of my time writing in machine and assembler languages.

Am I correct in assuming that the following assignment statement is valid.

  Scheme, Host, Path = urlparse("http://JANUS.TO.GD-ES.COM/netops/")

If valid, would the three elements contain the following?

  Scheme:  http:
  Host:	   //JANUS.TO.GD-ES.COM
  Path:	   /netops/

If the commas in the above assignment statement were replaced with an equal
(=), all three elements would contain the same value, a reference to a

Merton Campbell Crockett

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