Inno installer for Windows (was RE: Distributing a Python app)

Tim Peters at
Sat Jul 21 19:34:33 EDT 2001

[David Bolen and Niki Spahiev, speculate about ways to get an Inno
 installer finished for Python]

I'd like to see an Inno installer for Windows Python, but can't make more
time to pursue it.  A "90% there" (in terms of coverage, not effort -- I
figure it will take at least as much work to get the last 10% done as went
into getting the first 90% working) Inno install script has been checked
into CVS:  start at

and navigate down to


It works fine so far as it goes; see the comments at the start for what

If the community would like to finish this project, great!  Please do.

In the meantime, Wise has kindly offered to let PythonLabs use their
InstallMaster 8 product gratis, and that's the quickest path to a solid
modern Windows installer without losing functionality (Wise 5.0a did a great
job for us -- but most of the Windows flavors we run on now didn't even
exist when it was released!).

aged-very-well-but-not-immortal-ly y'rs  - tim

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